Holidays in France

Bastille Day Holiday - July 14

Our office will be closed on Thursday July 14 in observation of the national Bastille Day holiday in France.

Bastille Day celebrates French independence and dates back to 1789 when citizens stormed the Bastille castle as part of the French revolution.
Today, we spend July 14 much more peacefully with family and friends celebrating our country and watching fireworks at night

Neer Service will be back open for business on Friday July 15 and will respond to communications as quickly as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

News from France

Moving Costs on the Rise in France

The French government has announced a series of measures to assist the transport industry in France overcome the rising prices of fuel and other costs in the country.

In an article by BFM Business it was reported that a local move in France that would have costed €1000 in 2021 will now cost €1300. Even renting a truck and twenty boxes for a Do-It-Yourself move will now cost 10% more than a year ago.

The main reasons for the increases are fuel and the cost of packing materials. The invasion of Ukraine has seen the cost of a litre of diesel rise 40% from a year ago with the cost of cardboard and paper pads increasing 70% since the start of 2022.

As an asset-based, full service international moving company, Neer Service will continue to minimize the impact of these increases in costs to our customers and partners.

France Drops Mask Mandate

The French government announced last week that masks would no longer be mandatory on public transport and in taxis, as Covid cases in the country reduce.

The relaxation of the rules from Monday May 16, mean that the strict face mask rules that were put in place in February are over for those that choose not to wear a face covering, but the Health Minister warned that the relaxation did not mean the pandemic was over. The government continues to recommend that people wear masks on public transport.

Other countries in Europe such as Spain, still require masks to enter hospitals, care homes and public transport, while in Italy, masks are also needed in cinemas, theatres and schools.

France Appoints Prime Minister

President Emmanuel Macron just appointed Elisabeth Borne to become only the second female Prime Minister of France.

Borne was previously the Minister of Labor in the government after serving as Transport Minister in 2017. Before that she was President of the RAPT, the publicly owned Paris public transport network.

Women have historically been underrepresented in French politics. Edith Cresson was appointed the first female Prime Minister in 1991 but was replaced within a year of her appointment. In a recent interview, Cresson said that the next woman Prime Minister would need “a lot of courage.”

EU Visa Waiver from May 2023

Visitors to France and other European Union countries will need a ETIAS visa waiver to enter any country in the Schengen Zone from May 2023.

Visitors from 58 countries (including the United States) will need to obtain the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) for business or tourism purposes. According to authorities, completing the application online should only take about 10 minutes and travelers will receive authorisation within minutes of filling out the form. The fee for the visa waiver will be €7 (roughly US$8) and will be valid for three years and cover multiple trips to the European Union.

The European Commission approved the ETIAS as a screening tool to help avoid terrorism and illegal immigration but will not collect biometric data. Travelers will need their passport information and answer questions about health and any visits to areas of conflict in the past.

Reducing Traffic Noise in Paris

According to the European Environmental Agency, Paris is one of the noisiest cities in Europe with more than 5.5 million people in the city exposed to road traffic noise at 55 decibels or higher.

City authorities are now tackling the noise issue, that can cause cardiovascular disorders and high blood pressure, with technology. A new sound radar device that combines microphones and cameras to detect the noisiest vehicles are being installed in streets like the Rue d’Avron that carries traffic from the city’s ring road into the center of Paris.

The “medusa” devices (named for looking like a jellyfish) are equipped multi-directional cameras and eight microphones that can identify and photograph the license plate of specific vehicles or motorcycles that break the legal noise level. Next year the city will start fining offenders €135.00 that are breaking the noise laws.

The new technology is the second part of a project by city authorities to reduce noise pollution by 37% between 2021 and 2026. Under the first part of the plan between 2015 and 2020, sound barriers were installed along half the length of the ring road and putting in place rules that any new housing must have at least one side of the building that is not exposed to noise.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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The Latest Moving & Relocation News from France

Government Help For Transport

The French government has announced a series of measures to assist the transport industry in France overcome the rising prices of fuel and other costs in the country.

The French Government has announced that it will provide state aid for transport companies of €400 millions based upon the number of trucks that a company operates. The amount of money will be allocated depending upon weight and will range from €300 to €1300 per vehicle. 520,000 vehicles in France will qualify for the grant.

In addition, the government has introduced a rebate of €0.18 ($0.20) per liter of gasoline (petrol) or diesel from April 1 to help drivers with fuel costs. The subsidy will help car drivers, farmers and truck drivers and will apply for four months.

COVID Update

To help you prepare customers arriving in France we would like to provide an update of the latest regulations.


There have been no changes to requirements for entering the country:

  • Fully vaccinated arrivals (two shots plus the booster) can enter France regardless of your country of origin. Customers should always carry proof of vaccination.
  • Unvaccinated customers from “green countries” are required to present a negative test to enter France but there is no requirement for further testing or quarantine after they arrive.
  • Unvaccinated customers from “orange countries” must provide a compelling reason justifying the need for them to come to France and may still be subject to a random test on arrival. Those people who test positive upon arrival will have to self-isolate.

COVID-19 Rules:

Like most countries, France has seen an increase in the number of cases of the recent variants, but this continues to be below the previous peak. We would encourage customers to take sensible precautions in public places.

Per this link, masks are no longer required to be worn in indoor settings and proof of vaccination is not needed to enter bars and restaurants. Masks are still required to be worn on public transportation.

Welcome to the FIDI Conference

A warm welcome to fellow FIDI members attending the Conference in Cannes that starts at the weekend.

We hope that our recent newsletters have helped you with your travel arrangements, your restaurant reservations and some things to do for the forthcoming FIDI Conference in Cannes.

Note that the COVID update (above) also applies to business and leisure travelers to France and that some countries (including the United States) still require a supervised COVID test certificate to return home.

Please reach out to us to arrange a meeting during the conference and most of all, a warm welcome to France!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

And remember, in addition to sightseeing tips, we also offer fine international moving services!

Stay Safe and Healthy!

FIDI Conference : What to Do in the French Riviera

What to Do in the French Riviera!

We hope that our recent newsletters have helped you with your travel arrangements and your restaurant reservations for the forthcoming FIDI Congress in Cannes.

During your visit, we encourage you to take some time and enjoy the beauty of the city and the surrounding areas. To help you with your sightseeing plans, we present you with some suggestions based upon the time you have available.
For those traveling to France, the latest COVID update is as follows:

  • French authorities will end the “COVID Pass” requirement from March 14, avoiding the need to show any document to enter restaurants and bars.
  • The requirement to wear a face mask in indoor settings will also end on March 14, except on public transport or if required by the establishment.

Finally, a reminder that you will need to show that you have had all three shots of a European approved vaccine to avoid testing prior to your arrival in France. Approved vaccines Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson , AstraZeneca, and Novavax.

More travel information available on this link 

Staying Local!

A Walk on La Croisette

La Croisette is one of the most famous streets in France. La Croisette runs along the 1.6 kilometer (1 mile) stretch of the Cannes seafront. You will find plenty to see along the palm tree lined street which is home to the best hotels, casinos, and boutiques. You will also pass the iconic Palais des Festival where you can have your photo taken on the famous steps.

La Mairie de Cannes & Marché Forville

Located within a few minutes of each other, La Mairie de Cannes (the Town Hall) and Marché Forville (Forville Market) are well worth a visit.

The Town Hall was designed by Cannes’ architect Louis Hourlier and completed in 1877 and has a bandstand opposite. The building is a good example of French architecture from the Third Republic.

Then enjoy an authentic French experience at the Forville market. The building is not attractive, but inside you will be impressed by the range of cheese, sea food and other products at the many stalls. Simply watch the local people as they buy their local produce or enjoy some oysters or paella for lunch.

Le Suquet

Le Suquet is a Roman settlement in the oldest area of Cannes. The neighbourhood is a great way to learn what the city was like in the 18th and 19th centuries before it became a tourist destination. Enjoy the cobbled streets, bars and restaurants with fantastic views of the bay.

While in Le Suquet, visit the Notre-Dame d’Espérance, the gothic church built in the 14th and 15th centuries

3-4 Hours to Spare?

If you are planning to see the surrounding area for a few hours, we would recommend you rent a car. HertzSixt, and Europcar have offices within walking distance of the conference hotel with others available at the train station.

Mougins and Grasse

Both of these locations can be seen on one trip as Mougins is on the way to the perfume centre of France in Grasse.

Mougins is a very charming fortified city and a former home of Pablo Picasso. You can park at the city gates and then walk the narrow streets. A nightmare for moving companies but a beautiful sightseeing trip as you get lost among the art galleries and specialty ships that line the streets. Please note that some of the walking may be difficult for people with disabilities.

After Mougins, you can head to Grasse to sample some perfume. There are two main perfume shops called Fragonard and Molinard. Fragonard has several shops in the area, but we recommend the downtown location which also offers free tours. You can also learn more about the history of the perfume industry at the International Perfume Museum, located close to the shop.

We suggest a walk in the many pedestrians streets and to park your car in this parking garage.

If you are ready for lunch, Grasse is also home to great restaurant, Jacques Chibois that we mentioned in our restaurant guide.


Biot is a small medieval hilltop village between Nice and Cannes with winding cobblestone streets on the fort.

Biot is known for its cubist art museum as well as its handmade glass, plates with a bubble inside.

Visit the Verrerie shop that includes a large international glass art gallery as well as watching how the glass is made. If you make a reservation, ahead of time, you can also learn how to make your own glass.

Juan les Pins and Antibes

For those that enjoy a scenic drive, a visit to Juan Le Pins and Antibes will be right up your street.

Parking at the beauty spots along the coast should also be much easier in April compared to the summer tourist season.

The high-class resort of Juan-les-Pins is well-known for its sandy beaches and promenade that features many smart outdoor restaurants and fashion boutiques. A walk into the town will find you in narrow streets that are home to cocktail bars and nightclubs.

As you drive on you will pass through the forested Cap d’Antibes peninsula with its grand villas that separates Antibes from Juan-les-Pins. Antibes is known for its old town surrounded by 16th-century city walls and Fort Carré that overlooks the luxury yachts moored at the Port Vauban. The city is also home to the Picasso Museum.

Day Trippers!

East to Nice and Monaco

 Taking the highway east from Cannes or by driving along the coast through Antibes and you will arrive in the port city of Nice. Take some time to see the port, visit Massena Square and stroll along the Promenade des Anglais. If you are hungry or thirsty stop at the Hotel Negresco for a drink or a meal.

Carry on driving east from Nice and you will arrive at Cap Ferrat with the beautiful Villa Ephrussi, a lovely house and French garden. Cap Ferrat is also home to the Four Seasons Hotel with a very large salt water pool in front of the sea where you can enjoy your lunch.

After Cap Ferrat you can continue along the coast with commanding views of the ocean and arrive in the millionaire’s paradise of Monaco. You can park your car in one of the numerous underground parking areas and take time to visit the iconic sights that you have seen in magazines.

“Be seen” in Casino Square, enjoy a drink and people watching at the Cafe de Paris and stroll along the sea front “Promenade of Champions”. Motor racing fans can visit the famous areas of the track that you have watched many times on television.

Here is a map of Monaco and more information.

On the way back stop in the village of Eze and enjoy the 2 Michelin Stars restaurant, Chevre D’or.

Return to Cannes on the highway (about one hour) or the roads along the sea (90 minutes to 2 hours).

West to Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is located about 20 miles from the nearest highway exit, so we suggest you take a drive along the sea as a better alternative.

You will pass by the beach called the Plage du Midi and the Pullman Casino Hotel where you can stop for a drink or an outdoor meal by the ocean.

Drive on and you will arrive in the city of Theoule. This is charming city by the sea and you can also enjoy a mid-level hike in the Parc de la Pointe de l’Aiguille. Further west along the coast will take you past the cities of Saint Raphael and Sainte Maxime which are also nice places to stop at one of the numerous beach bars.

You will then arrive in the famous city of Saint Tropez. There is a large parking area at the entrance to the city which is walking distance from the main attractions and narrow shopping streets. Have a drink at the well-known Senequier Bar or eat at La Petite Plage with a menu from Three Michelin star Chef Eric Frechon. If you are on a smaller budget, there are many bars and restaurants for watching the yachts and people in Saint Tropez!

When you’re done with shopping we strongly recommend the 20 minute drive to Port Grimaud, a beautiful city full of canals, nicknamed “Small Provencal Venice”.

The return journey to Cannes will take you about 75 minutes.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

And remember, in addition to sightseeing tips, we also offer fine international moving services!

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Paris Introduces Moving Parking Fees

Paris Introduces Moving Parking Fees

Starting on March 1, 2022, authorities in Paris have introduced parking fees for the moving companies carrying out work in the city.

On Your Doorstep

The new charges for the moving industry range from €17 for a small van for a half-day to €90 for a normal moving truck for a full day. Additional charges will also apply for the use of a furniture lift that is sometimes used for Parisian buildings.

The new charges apply to the city of Paris itself but not the suburbs where each city has different rules and charges.
It is important to understand that this is still only a parking authorization and not a parking permit. Moving companies are not allowed to reserve space or disturb the traffic or pedestrians. This means that the space outside the building may not be available, which could result in a long carry or shuttle service.

Fines for moving companies that do not request the authorization range from €150-€225 together with the risk of an additional towing fee of €175.

As a result of these changes, it is important that Neer Service receive as much early information of a booking for origin services as possible. Our team will obviously work closely with our partners and city authorities on origin and destination services in order to minimize expense and inconvenience to customers.

The new charges are being protested by the French moving association that represents the companies that perform many of the 80,000 moves made each year in Paris.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns..

And remember, in addition to fine dining, we also offer fine international moving services!

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Where to eat in Cannes FIDI 2022

Where to Eat in Cannes!

We hope that our recent newsletter has helped you with your travel plans to the South of France, whether you are attending the FIDI Conference or simply planning a personal visit.

The next thing on everyone’s mind is where to enjoy some French cuisine! To help you plan ahead, and make reservations where necessary, we present our suggestions on the best restaurants in Cannes and the surrounding region with links to each website.

On Your Doorstep

“La Palme d’Or”
La Palme d’Or is recognized as one of the best restaurants in the South of France and is located on the 2nd floor of the Martinez Hotel. This 2 Michelin Star restaurant is currently only open for dinner but may open for lunch by the time of the FIDI convention. Advance reservations are recommended – ask for a window table and enjoy a beautiful view of the Mediterranean.

Price: Around €150-200 per person

“Le Vesuvio”

Le Vesuvio is located on the Croisette, a short 20 meters from the Hotel Martinez. An institution in the town of Cannes, the restaurant serves good quality meat, seafood, and pizza. Unfortunately there is no ocean view, but it is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Go early as its always full!

Price: Around €30 per person

Miramar Plage

Enjoy a gourmet dining experience with your feet in the sand or in the wooded floor restaurant section at the Miramar Plage. Located right in front of the FIDI convention hotel (next to the Hotel Martinez beach), it is likely that it is only open for lunch in April. Try their ceviche (either sea bass or Octopus)!

Price: Around €60 per person

A Short Walk


L’Affable is an excellent gourmet restaurant only 10 minutes’ walk from the Martinez Hotel. Sadly, no ocean view, but excellent dining at a good value. Reservations are required and after dinner try the Grand Marnier Souffle for dessert!

Price: Around €30 for lunch and €50 per person for dinner.

The Carlton Hotel Beach Club

The iconic Carlton Hotel is closed until 2023 for a massive renovation, but the 5-Star service continues at the Carlton Beach Club. Only 5 minutes’ walk from the Hotel Martinez, you will find excellent service and quality for just a drink or a meal. The Beach Club also has some covered semi-private areas.

Price: Around €70 per person

Gaston Gastounette

This restaurant has a long tradition in Cannes and offers a nice view of the port. This is probably the best value restaurant on the list with great quality and tasty food. Open for lunch and dinner, Gaston Gastounette is a nice 20 minutes’ walk from the hotel along the sea or a 5-minute Uber or taxi ride. Reservations are recommended and ask for a table on their heated outdoor patio if you can, for a nice view of the port.

Price: Around €40 per person

Hotel Le Majestic Barriere

An iconic hotel in Cannes, “Le Majestic Barriere” is located on the Croisette Boulevard facing the sea, a few steps from the famous Palais des Festival. About a 15-20 minutes pleasant walk from the Hotel Martinez, the hotel offers 2 dining venues.

“Fouquet’s” is and indoor and outdoor restaurant inspired by the 3 Michelin Star chef, Pierre Gagnaire. Expect to pay around €80 per person and ask for an outdoor table next to their pool.

The Hotel Barriere also offers a wonderful beach restaurant by fellow 3 Michelin Star, Chef Mauro Colagreco.

Further Away

La Bastide Bruno Oger

One chef and two restaurants located just 10 minutes drive from the Croisette in Cannes, the Bastide Bruno Oger is found in wooded grounds in Le Cannet. In the 18th century building, in Provencal style, you will find “Villa Archange”, the excellent 2 Michelin Star restaurant with a price of around €200 per person to match the quality.

For the more casual diner, Bruno Oger also offers “Le Bistro des Anges”, an indoor and outdoor venue with excellent food for lunch or dinner at a cost of around €40 per person. If the weather is suitable, ask for a table in the beautiful garden.

The Bastide Saint Antoine

20 minutes’ drive from Cannes will find you in the city of Grasse, in the heart of the French perfume industry. The intimate Bastide Saint Antoine is a Michelin Star hotel restaurant hosted by celebrated Chef Jacques Chibois. The restaurant is located on the hill and from their sunny garden you will have a wonderful view of the area.

Price: €70 per person for lunch and €140 for dinner.”

“Hotel de Paris

If you are planning to visit Monte Carlo on your trip, one of the most famous hotels in the world, the Hotel de Paris, is found in Casino Square in Monaco, where celebrated Chef Alain Ducasse presides over two restaurants.

The prestigious “Louis XV” is one of only nineteen 3 Michelin Star restaurants outside of Paris, but may also be one of your most expensive meals. Your bill for a romantic dinner for two is likely to exceed €1,000.

More affordable, but also high quality, is “Le Grill”, a 1 Michelin star restaurant on the top floor of the Hotel de Paris. The venue has a wraparound patio, offering stunning views of Monaco. Depending on the weather, an outdoor table is the place to be, or otherwise a window table close to the entrance.

Expect to pay about €100 per person.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns..

And remember, in addition to fine dining, we also offer fine international moving services!

Stay Safe and Healthy!

No Major Restrictions in France

No Major Restrictions in France

There will be no lockdown or curfews in France and the country will continue to allow up to 2,000 people to meet at indoor events, despite the current rise in the number of omicron infections sweeping the country.

The government has recently announced several measures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 with a strong focus on providing greater freedoms to those people that are fully vaccinated.

With the percentage of vaccinated individuals in France above the European Union average, the main restrictions are now as follows:

  • Masks are required for all adults (and children over six years of age) outdoors in Paris and the surrounding areas together with several other cities and in all indoor spaces throughout the country.
  • Non-vaccinated travelers from “red-list” countries (including the United States) are required to quarantine for 10 days, with no quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers.
  • Events are capped at 2,000 people indoors and 5,000 people outdoors with no capacity constraints in restaurants, bars or entertainment parks and zoos.
  • A vaccination pass is now required to enter restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues – a negative test is no longer accepted for entry. You must be seated for eating and drinking in bars and restaurants
  • From this week, the self-isolation period for fully vaccinated people will drop to seven days and can be cut to five days with a negative test result. No isolation is needed for contact cases (however 3 tests within 7 days must be performed)
  • Night clubs will remain closed until the end of January.

A Happy and Healthy 2022!

Wishing all our partners our best wishes for a Happy New Year.

If you have any questions to help your customers move to or from France, please do not hesitate to contact us.

No Lockdown in France France

What Your Customers Should Know

The French government has announced that the country will not be following other European countries like Austria in reimposing a lockdown.

Instead, the health minister announced that masks will now be required in indoor places, including places where the Health Pass is required for entry. The government also announced that booster shots are available to everyone over 18 years of age and that they would be available after 5-months from vaccination.

By December 15, all people over 65 years old must have a booster shot to maintain their Health Pass and by January 15, the same rule will apply to all adults. A valid Health Pass is an essential requirement in France to gain entry to restaurants, cafes, cinemas and museums, and other public venues.

Following the announcement, vaccination bookings grew rapidly, causing medical appointments web site “Doctolib” to freeze. A spokesperson for Doctolib said that more than 400,000 new reservations were made on the same day as the government announcement.

As infections rise to over 40,000 per day in the country and concerns regarding the Omicron variant increase, France has also suspended all flights from Southern Africa and tightened restrictions for people coming from the French overseas territories of La Reunion and Mayotte.

Neer Service continue to operate normally, subject to our careful health and safety protocols.

Please contact us with any concerns from your customers moving to France.

We hope that this information will help you start to plan your trip to Cannes and please reach out to us with any questions. The team at Neer Service are here to make your visit a memorable one!

Stay Safe and Healthy

Moving You Closer to Cannes! FIDI 2022

In advance of formal information from FIDI, in the first of a series of newsletters we highlight the 2022 Conference destination city of Cannes and the best way to get there.


Cannes was established around 1530 when it became independent from the monks that had ruled the city for hundreds of years. Located on the French Riviera, in the 18th century both the Spanish and the British tried to take control of the Lerins Islands off the coast of Cannes but were defeated.

By the end of the 19th century, several railways were completed and Cannes became a destination for wealthy individuals eager to escape the winter cold. In the 20th century luxury hotels were constructed and the city was increasingly modernized, initially attracting more American tourists than Europeans.

Known as a destination for the rich and famous, summer tourism quickly overtook winter trips, and the city of 75,000 inhabitants is famous for its life style, beautiful environment, and its annual film festival.

How to Get There


Unless you have a private plane, you cannot fly direct to Cannes. The closest airport to the city is Nice Airport, but international flights to Nice are limited, meaning that visitors will need to connect through another French or European airport. You have a map showing direct flights from European cities here

For travelers from North and South America, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris CDG) may be the more obvious arrival point, but the airport has a poor record for flight connections and travelers may want to consider another European hub to get to Nice. If you do select Paris to connect, be sure that your connection is from Paris CDG and not from Paris Orly Airport, the main domestic airport.

You may also consider a direct daily Delta flight from New York JFK to Nice

Travelers from Asia Pacific and Africa may want to connect through Dubai using the daily Emirates flight to Nice.

Nice Airport to Cannes

If you travel by air and arrive at Nice Airport, there are several alternatives to get to Cannes and the conference hotel depending on your budget and the time that you have available for your journey.

  • The least expensive option is by bus direct from Nice Airport to the train station inCannes. The bus costs €22 for a one-way trip and €33 round’s trip. More information and booking is available here
  • Although the train from Nice to Cannes travels along the Mediterranean, you will have to transfer from Nice Airport to Nice Station by bus before boarding the train to Cannes.
  • Uber or taxi is the quickest and most convenient method of travel with an Uber currently costing about €60 and a taxi currently costing about €100.

Cannes train station is about 10-15 minutes’ walk to the center or a short taxi ride.

Train from Paris

If your plans include a visit to Paris, there is also a comfortable train from the capital that will take you direct to Cannes. The train from Paris will cover the 560-mile journey in about 5 hours. You can book a first class or second-class ticket direct here.

We hope that this information will help you start to plan your trip to Cannes and please reach out to us with any questions. The team at Neer Service are here to make your visit a memorable one!

Stay Safe and Healthy

New 19mph Speed Limit in Paris

Expatriates already living in Paris or moving to the city will have to learn to take their foot off the accelerator pedal as the Mayor this week introduced a new speed limit of 19 mph (30 kph) for most of the roads.

City authorities hope that the new speed limit will make the Paris a safer and cleaner city as the mayor tries to encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport. The 30 kph limit already applies to about 60% of the Paris area but the new speed limit will now cover the entire city. Only a few streets will remain exempt from the rules, including the Champs Elysees, with the speed limit remaining at a speedy 31 mph (50 kph)!

Paris joins other French cities such as Bordeaux, Strasbourg, and Toulouse with a similar 19 mph limit.

The mayor of Paris, who won a second six-year term in 2020, has built new bike lanes, banned old diesel cars, and is reducing parking space in the city in a bid to limit car traffic. Paris authorities have said police will be lenient in applying the new speed limit in the first weeks of the new rules.

Health Pass for French Workers

Starting this week approximately 2 million French workers in restaurants and other service jobs must now show a health pass to go to work.

The new law, that is part of the government’s strategy to fight the pandemic, means that affected workers must show proof of vaccination, a fresh negative virus test or recovery from COVID-19, or risk suspension from work. Businesses that do not comply with the law could face fines.

While protests continued this weekend against the Health Pass law, less marchers turned out to voice their opposition and polls have shown that most French citizens support the Health Pass. At the current time, nearly 72% of French people have had at least one virus dose and more than 64% are fully vaccinated. The public is already required to show a Health Pass to enter restaurants and cafes, cultural venues, sports arenas and for long-distance travel.

The law will also make vaccinations mandatory for French health workers by September 15.

France Waits on EU-USA Advisory

The European Union this week recommended that member countries ban American citizens from non-essential travel to the EU after a significant rise in Covid-19 cases in the United States.

Countries within the EU, including France, have been advised to put in place coronavirus-related restrictions to prevent the arrival of tourists and other non-essential travel from six additional countries including the USA.

So, does this affect customers moving to France?

The short answer is NO.

Customers moving to France with a work visa have always been allowed to enter the country throughout the pandemic. For the time being, current arrival requirements (for both tourists and work visa holders) are the need to show a vaccination certificate or a recent negative Covid test upon arrival and there is no need to quarantine.

The European Union travel advisory is not mandatory on member states, and it is up to each country in Europe to determine its own rules on borders. It is possible that France may accept the EU advisory to prevent tourism, but this will not affect moves in process or future relocation activity.

Stay Safe and Healthy