When your shipment arrives, check carefully to verify the number of packages delivered and whether any packages had been opened. Please inspect it carefully and note any exceptions or damage on the delivering carrier's receipt. Keep a copy of this receipt for your records. The terms and conditions of your insurance require you to make a notification of damage or loss in writing within 30 days after delivery of your shipment.

Your move through our insurance company :  Inter Trans Insurance , e-mail , web site

In the event of a claim you can provide the client with the below e-mail or contact our office at and give Carrie the customer’s e-mail address and we will send claims instructions.

Could you please visit and complete an online claim form.
Please indicate your insurance certificate as you will need information found on the front of the form to file a claim.

Once you enter the website, click on “your claim” and read the instructions. Then click on the link to proceed with filing your claim at the bottom of the page.

Please make sure that after the information for each item has been entered you click “add item.” Failure to click “add item”, will result in item not being included to the claim. Once all items have been added click the “click here” link to complete your claim submission. You should receive an email confirmation if submitted correctly.

All claims must be submitted within 30 days of delivery and please provide photos if possible

  1. Send written notification to Willis Relocation Risk Group by advising the following:
    1. Your Name and Address.
    2. Confirmation of Insurance number.
    3. Your intent to file a claim.
    4. Nature of damage (breakage, pilferage, water, etc.)
    5. Your assessment of the amount of claim.
  2. Within 60 days after completion of Step 1, the following material must be presented to Willis Relocation Risk Group via email to WRRGCLAIMS@WILLIS.COM
    1. Completed claim form. Note that incomplete claim forms will not be accepted.
    2. Written professional estimate for repair of damage. If you are unable to locate a repair firm, please so advise upon submission of your claim form.
    3. Written estimates supporting replacement cost of missing or destroyed items. Internet research is acceptable.
    4. Photos of damaged items.
  3. Do NOT discard any damaged items until your claim is resolved.
  4. If a professional survey is authorized, the surveyor will forward all necessary documentation to the appropriate control office for settlement of your claim.  Please make available all the information specified in Step 2.
  5. We will acknowledge your claim in writing within 7 working days of receipt.  If we have received all the requested information in legible fashion, your claim should be settled within 30 days of receipt.
  6. We suggest you retain damaged items until your claim has been settled.  Send documentation to WRRGCLAIMS@WILLIS.COM


Special arrangements have been made to expedite the processing of claims with the following damage or loss

  • Mold or Mildew:  If your shipment is delivered wet or you find evidence of mold or mildew on your items, please contact your Move Coordinator IMMEDIATELY, they will contact Inter Trans Insurance and the destination agent to detemine how to move forward.
  • Essential Items:  If you experience loss or damage to a primary bed and/or mattress, dining table, washer or dryer rendering the item unusable, please contact you relocation consultant who will send you a claim form and direct you on filing an emergency claim to the appropriate party.  Please complete this form and return it to the adjuster assigned to your claim as soon as possible as this will help to expedite the process.
  • Unsafe items:  If an item is damaged to the extent it is not safe, and cannot be secured in a carton or wrapping, please contact WRRG so that an inspector can be assigned to secure the item.  Do not have movers discard the damaged item.  Underwriters cannot accept liability for items that are discarded prior to inspection.