Do’s and Don'ts Before and After your Move

Do’s Before your Move

  • Do consider a professional appraisal for your high value items, especially for, but not limited to art works, antiques, area rugs, pianos and others.
  • Do plan on being at your residence the day of the move. If you can’t be there have someone you trust to supervise the packing. Your appointed agent will be responsible for signing the packing list verifying that it is accurate.
  • Do arrange to have large appliances such as refrigerator, dish washer, washer and dryer disconnected, clean and dry before they are packed and moved.
  • Do make a plan to have your school age children and pets in a safe place the day of the move.
  • Do inspect the house before packers depart to confirm nothing is left behind.
  • Do separate and/or clearly mark the items if you are packing for air, sea, storage or temporary residence.
  • Do clean and dry your patio furniture for at least 30 days before packing to remove all moisture and humidity from the furniture.
  • Do review the Packing List before the packing crew leaves your home. They are required to mark pre-existing damages on this document that you need to review and agree to.
  • Do take pictures of your high value items conditions before packing.
  • Do keep copy of your Packing List and Valued Inventory or High Value List (if any)
  • Do make sure items such as cell phone, iPads, iPods, jewelry, passports, important documents and other valuables which are not intended to go in the shipment are secured in safe place while the packers are at the residence.

Don'ts Before your Move

  • Don’t leave food or ice inside your refrigerator. Disconnect and clean at a minimum 3 days before packing.
  • Don’t wash clothes, rugs, linens, toys or furniture a few days before packing. They need to be completely dry before packing otherwise they will keep moist or humidity which can cause mold and contaminate your entire shipment.
  • Don’t pack any boxes yourself. The insurance company will not cover Packed by Owner boxes.
  • Don’t leave the house while the crew is packing and present at your residence.
  • Don’t clean the interior of your car before this is moved. Some of the chemicals used to wash leather might cause mold to grow while car is in transit.

Do’s After your Move

  • Do take pictures of any damaged items delivered to you residence.
  • Do have all boxes unpacked professionally and make exceptions in your Delivery Report of any damages or missing items/boxes.
  • Do request the Crew Leader to confirm on damages and missing items/boxes.
  • Do make note in your Delivery Report of any unopened/unpacked boxes delivered to your residence and conditions in which they were delivered.
  • Do be present at delivery. If you cannot be present have a responsible person document any exceptions and take photos of damages..

Dont’s After your Move

  • Don’t leave your home before crew has finished unpacking.
  • Don’t sign a Delivery Report without marking any exceptions noted.
  • Don’t discard any damaged item. Insurance company will need to inspect all damages.
  • Don’t send back with Delivery Crew any damaged item unless is clearly documented in the Packing List. This should be limited to moldy items.
  • Don’t take delivery of any mold item or shipment that can cause contamination to your residence.
  • Don’t store boxes without verifying of any damages. Insurance company has a deadline to file a claim. Be sure to check the deadline with your move consultant.