COVID-19's response

To Our Valued Partners and Clients,

NEER Service places the highest priority on the safety of our employees and the customers we serve.

Although French President Macron said on March 10th that the “Italian quarantine” will not happen in France, w e want you and your transferees to feel confident when working with NEER Service.

As a result, we have enhanced some of normal hygiene procedures in the interests of both our customer’s and employee’s health and safety.

The cab of our trucks will be cleaned with disinfectant wipes daily
Each mover always work in the same team / same individual to limit the risk of virus spread and exposure
Our employees are instructed to wash their hands before and then regularly during a move.
All our employees will check their temperature

In the event that the situation in France becomes worse, we are planning additional measures

Thank you for your trust in NEER Service. Our team are well prepared to work through these current challenges. To learn more about NEER Service, please visit our new website.

We look forward to serving you soon,

Kindest regards
Cedric Zibi