International removal services

Moving abroad? Anywhere in the world, we can do a lot for you. Thanks to our international network, we know the situation you are moving to. This means that we can always call in local experts if necessary. Moving abroad is not just about transporting your belongings. That is why we also assist you with many other international services.

Customs formalities

Neer Service meets the highest requirements, as set by the customs legislation. The Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certificate guarantees the ‘safety’ of people and the ‘security’ of goods in accordance with the highest possible standards. The European Union offers Neer Service with the status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) the following advantages in international trade:

The experts of Neer Service collect all your customs supplies and then make sure that everything ends up at customs. The experts of Neer Service will arrange everything for you! 

Relocation Assistance

The relocation assistance takes care of all the peripheral activities that your move entails: Administrative services, such as passing on the new address details to care institutions, but also to acquaintances. Transferring subscriptions, furnishing your new home and assistance with the sale of your former home but also finding a school, hospital, dentist, supermarket or sports facility in your new area.

Air freight

Is it necessary to move your personal belongings as quickly as possible? Then use the airfreight service of Neer Service. We ensure that your household belongings arrive at their destination within a week.

We take care of the practical work and paperwork if you want to send your household belongings by air freight. Our movers have experience with packing for air freight. We do the packing safely and professionally, we also take into account the pursuit of the lowest possible weight. The cost price for an air freight is based on the volume taxable weight.

Airlines often have high security requirements. It is not possible to transport batteries and food by air freight. Only with proper preparation and the correct handling of documents will the process around the air freight run smoothly. Neer Service has the experience in air freight.

Storage during international relocation

Are you staying abroad for a short time? Then our storage options can offer a solution. Neer Service offers you flexible storage facilities that meet all quality and safety requirements. Your personal inventory can thus be stored in a suitable storage space and remains in good condition thanks to our climate control.

Relocation service

Neer Service has a department with immigration advice and immigration services. We offer a complete package to guide you with integration. We guide you in applying for a residence permit and a work permit. In case of an international move, we can also assist you in finding a new home. We can help you to find a new school for your children, and we also can help you to register your car. Neer Service takes care of everything and can arrange everything for you. We make sure that you feel at home in your new environment as soon as possible.

Packing service

It is best to let our professionals pack your household effects. Your valuables are packed with extra attention. This way, your household belongings can be loaded with a safe feeling into the removal van or sea container. We also transport your hanging clothes with special, lockable cloakroom boxes. This protects the clothing from dirt and weather influences.

When moving internationally to Canada and the United States, you must have your household belongings packed by Neer Service. When moving to other international destinations this is not mandatory, however we always recommend it! If we pack everything, your entire household belongings are insured. When you pack yourself, the goods you have packed are not insured.