Facility services

Neer Service offers a wide range of facility services. We take the support tasks off your hands, so you can work more efficiently and have more time for your own business.

Removals, renovations and reorganisations are large-scale projects that involve a lot of work. Neer Service can keep the work out of your hands. Our project managers keep an overview for you and work according to agreements with a scenario. The project manager will assist you during the move, but he can also be of service to you afterwards. In the period after the move you can rely on an experienced project manager who keeps a cool head.


Do you take up too much space in your archive? Or do you have excess inventory that you want to keep for the future? Neer Service offers storage and management for archives and contents. We store archives in electronically secured areas, where screened personnel carry out their activities with the utmost discretion. We store your household effects, work material or your goods stock in well secured and conditioned rooms.

IT management

Moving computers and peripherals involves more than just placing the computers. All cabling, connections and data columns must also be in the right place and work. Our ICT employees ensure that your employees are quickly operational and can do their work.

Carefree services

The facility manager of Neer Service has expert knowledge, uses detailed checklists and is aware of many market parties and new developments. He can take care of it:

  • Preparation, execution and completion of removals and projects
  • Handyman / concierge activities
  • Connecting, moving, maintaining and repairing IT equipment
  • Facilitating, setting up and managing archive space
  • Receiving, delivering and managing warehouse goods
  • Taking care of internal and external postal and parcel shipments
  • Setting up and furnishing ergonomic (home) workstations, meeting rooms or art exhibitions.

We offer you the possibility to purchase only individual services from us, but you can also leave all facility matters to us with peace of mind.