Installing the computer, hanging paintings, putting furniture together or moving furniture. You can let us take care of the finishing touch to your new home. Our handyman does all the difficult jobs so you can focus on the 'really important things'. Neer Service employs a trained handyman. This handyman has a professional diploma 'Handyman' and has many years of work experience.

Professional support

Technical defects and damage to buildings cause a lot of annoyance.  De Handyman carries out a wide range of maintenance activities adequately and cost-efficiently. Our Handyman is a professional support for your facility organization, he has both an executive and signalling task and advises and works together with your facility service in managing your building(s).  

De Handyman assists in optimising and maintaining your property so that its image is maintained. He solves the small maintenance work, which often takes too long, in the short term. It can also be used for making control rounds and reports that give you a good insight and enable you to act adequately.

The all-rounder of Neer Service

This all-rounder repairs broken lamps, a leaking tap, damage to equipment or interior quickly and professionally. In addition to this work, he can also perform housekeeping tasks, prepare rooms for meetings, courses or receptions. Connecting, setting up and checking audiovisual equipment, washing official and management cars, assisting at events, supplementing displays and light gardening are in good hands with him.

It is also possible to contract the Handyman for specific sub-tasks. As for the periodic inspection of lighting. In advance, Neer Service will draw up a tailor-made plan and a clear investment proposal with you. So you will never face any surprises!

Tasks of the Handyman;

  • Carrying out small internal removals
  • Deconstructing and assembling cabinets
  • Remove lamps from the ceilings and hang them up
  • Preparing and programming of electrical equipment for relocation
  • Hanging up paintings, whiteboards, coat racks, etc.
  • Check emergency and escape route lighting
  • Repair of damage(s)
  • Informing agencies
  • Maintenance of hinges and locks
  • Installation of audio and video equipment
  • Removal of cabling
  • Carrying out repairs and restoration works
  • Remove old cabling
  • Bringing the property back to its former state

No time or knowledge to do these jobs yourself? Leave it to our professional. With the right equipment, good tools, a healthy dose of craftsmanship and with pleasure our handyman will do these jobs for you.