Master contracts for international removals

For businesses that are frequently involved in international removals, Neer Service offers master contracts. We understand that your employees want to feel ‘at home’ as soon as possible in their new working and living environment. This starts with a stress-free removal. A master contract offers fixed rates for standard quality. This will be tailored to your specific wishes and those requirements that are appropriate to your organization and removals policy.

The Neer Service companies, not only in France, but also internationally, specialize in international removals. Whether by air, sea or road, we take care of your employees from home to home.

International removal

If you relocate employees abroad on a regular basis it is important that they receive proper support. Neer Service has locations throughout the world to serve your employees everywhere. Our master contracts provide you with the guarantee of a carefree removal for an attractive price. This can be extended to relocation services. It is comforting for both you and the employee to know that they will settle rapidly and feel at home in their new residence.

Documentation properly taken care of

That your employees’ removals are properly organized is paramount but Neer Service service offers more than that. We offer assistance with packing and provide specialized transport. This includes special care for antiques, design or art. Your employees won’t have to worry about customs formalities. We’ll take care of those. Also when your entire company relocates abroad, our professionals will coordinate the whole operation for you.

Within or beyond Europe

specializes in removals to various destinations within and beyond Europe. We are conversant with the removal guidelines for each country. We will relocate you quickly, reliably and safely: