New Lockdown Announced in France

As a result of the rise in COVID-19 cases and increased hospitalization in France, the French Prime Minister has announced on March 18th a new lockdown. The restrictions will affect 21 million people in 16 regions from midnight tonight March 19th and will last for 4 weeks. Moving services will not be affected and the new restrictions are not as strict as the two previous lockdown. In order to advise transferees moving to France, the new restrictions are as follows:
  • Non-essential businesses will be forced to close, but schools will remain open.
  • People will be allowed to exercise outdoors within 10km (6 miles) of their home.
  • People are not allowed to travel to other parts of the country unless they have a valid reason.
  • Those in the affected areas will have to fill out a form to explain why they have left their homes.
  • The national curfew will remain in place beginning at 7pm each day.
In addition to the greater Paris region, the northern Hauts-de-France, Seine-Maritime, Eure and Alpes-Maritimes on the French Riviera will be affected.