Office removals

Are you moving because you need more space in your new office? Or will you be working on an independent basis in an office building? An office relocation is usually a stressful matter. You are busy with your business operations and guaranteeing continuity to your customers and employees. Neer Service has national and international experience with office removals.

With personal advice and guidance we support your company during the period of your move. Together with our removal coordinator, a plan of action will be made. On the basis of this plan, we will provide instructions and coordinate the activities. Moving boxes, packaging materials, tools, insurance, everything is taken care of. Neer Service can also facilitate the disassembly and assembly, the packaging of the properties and the storage of the household effects and the storage of the archive. 


When your company moves or when a renovation is taking place, it may be that the furniture or part of it needs to be temporarily stored. Our heated and secure warehouse ensures that your property is protected and awaits you in good condition.

Project removals

A relocation involves a lot of work. A good and expert relocation therefore requires a project-based approach. With good preparation and creative solutions to frequently asked questions, Neer Service ensures that your relocation runs smoothly.

ICT relocation services

Moving computer configurations and their peripherals requires more than just moving them. Our special ICT mover advises you on the approach to a relocation and assists you during the relocation. Disconnecting data and telecommunications equipment and making accessories ready for removal are standard features. We place and connect the equipment to the new workplace. If necessary, we take care of testing the equipment and reporting malfunctions. Aftercare with the help of a service desk after the move is also possible.

Our ICT mover takes care of it:

  • Network connections and WAN connections
  • Wiring care
  • Conversion of the workstations for a new network topology
  • Ergonomic design of new workstations
  • Logistics planning
  • Delivery of a communication plan
  • Providing presentations for management and employees
  • Intermediate and take care of the purchases of all necessary resources
  • Delivery of the documentation and manuals

All this of course in cooperation with your own ICT manager.