Packing & unpacking services

During the busy moving period you can use the time very well. That is why we offer our packing service. With this packing service your goods will be packed with the greatest care by the experienced movers of Neer Service. We help you to pack the sturdy moving boxes in a respectable manner, but also to unpack them, if desired.

Many people choose to pack the moving boxes themselves. Packing consists of filling the moving boxes with all the loose items that are present in the cabinets, closets and the house. Packing takes a lot of time, meaning you will have to live between the moving boxes for some days and sometimes even weeks in advance. With our experienced movers the packing work can often be done within a day. Good packing requires insight, speed and quality. We can take care of this for you.

Professional materials

During the packing with the relocation we use professional materials. The moving materials we use are: sturdy moving boxes, barrels, painting boxes, TV covers, mattress covers, wardrobe boxes and of course our packaging materials, and of course our packing paper and bubble wrap.

Advantages of packing and unpacking service

International removal

Smaller items such as crockery, glassware, books, paintings, lamps and hanging clothes is suggested to be best packed by our professionals. Your valuables are packed with extra attention. This way, your belongings can be loaded with a safe feeling into the removal van or sea container. We also transport your hanging clothes with special, lockable cloakroom boxes. This way the clothing is protected against dirt and weather influences.

When moving internationally to Canada and the United States, it is required to have your household belongings packed by Neer Service. When moving to other international destinations this is not mandatory, however we always recommend it! If we pack everything, your entire household belongings are insured. When you pack yourself, these goods you have packed are not insured.

You can choose for the complete packing service of Neer Service but you can also only let us pack the fragile goods.

During a personal visit, our appraiser can advise you whether certain goods need to be specially packed.