Project removals

All removals involve a great deal of work. For this reason a successful and professional corporate removal requires a project approach. With the correct preparations and creative solutions for many of the issues arising, Neer Service will ensure that your company’s removal goes without a hitch.

What is important for you is that your employees can resume without delay their work at their new workplace. By arranging your company’s removal with Neer Service you can be assured of this. We will move your company while you simply continue with your work. That’s one challenge less.

Professional guidance

When you relocate your company you need the process to go as smoothly as possible. You want to be able to leave the arrangements to a professional. Someone with the appropriate in-house expertise to relocate your operations, your valuable office furniture and your equipment as efficiently as possible to your new working environment. Neer Service companies hold the PPV seal of approval. This is your guarantee for independent quality accreditation aimed at, among other aspects, safety, integrity, quality and craftsmanship.

Operating processes continue

Behind the scenes a corporate removal is a complex project. You want your employees to get back to work as soon as possible. That is no problem. Your office will be packed up on Friday and the removal will be conducted during the weekend. On Monday morning your employees can start work immediately at their new workplace.

Remove... and install too?

Neer Service offers the expertise required for your organization’s removal. Whether it’s an office, a workplace or a specialized laboratory. Our professionals will arrange everything that you require: