Government, education and care institutions

The relocation of educational, care and government institutions requires the necessary preparations and adjustments. For example, an educational institution has limited moving time, a care institution needs extra social involvement and a government institution wants a tailor-made approach. Read on for more information about our removal approach per institution.


Neer Service has put together a versatile package of removal services for government institutions. For each individual client (national, provincial or local), the final description of our activities is provided. Thanks to its versatile network, we are the ideal party to work with. Employees of this client can also benefit from the cooperation.

Care institutions

Moving a care institution is a human effort. Within our team there is a specific group that has a lot of experience with moving a care institution. Think of a hospital, nursing or care home, but also institutions for youth or mental health care. We not only provide a removal service, but we are also socially involved. This ensures a pleasant move, also for your clients.

Educational institutes

Educational institutions often have to move during the short period of a school holiday. This requires careful preparation. We regularly move educational institutions. Both large and small institutions, or from different locations to one new building. Thanks to our strong partnership, we deploy staff everywhere who work in the same prescribed manner. This prevents misunderstandings and ensures an adequate handling of the move.

Removers of Neer Service know how important it is to handle larger ‘just in time’ removals correctly. At an early stage, a scenario is drawn up to plan every detail. For small removals, we do not draw up a scenario, but we clearly agree in advance what, when, where to move.