Brexit - What You Need to Know

As the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union in 12 weeks, here is a guide to how your shipments to or from France may be affected:

International shipments arriving in France by sea and air from the rest of the world will not be affected – customs clearance procedures will not change.
Shipments arriving in France by road from other European Union countries will also continue as normal.
Shipments to or from France involving the United Kingdom may experience significant delays after January 1.

French port authorities report that they are well prepared for the environment post-Brexit, but concerns remain from transport associations in the United Kingdom regarding the preparations by the British government that could lead to lines of 7,000 trucks at the Port of Dover and up to two-day delays in crossing the English Channel.

Stay Safe and Healthy

News From Neer Service

Neer Introduce Further Health Checks

Research has shown that a low oxygen level could mean a person has the coronavirus but is asymptomatic. As a result, in addition to temperature checks, masks, and other safety precautions, each of our employees is required to take a daily measurement of their blood oxygen level using a device called an Oximeter.

This is just another way we are hoping to keep our employees and customers safe.

Neer Service - Safe and Secure

We live in uncertain times and we have all seen an increase in protests and lawlessness in our own countries. France has also seen similar scenes.

To minimize any risk to employees and our customers household goods, Neer Service have installed the latest technology, supported by Brinks, a world leader in security.

The system includes features such as facial recognition that immediately recognizes movement and commences recording. Employees entered into the system are recognized and recorded and alerts are issues to management of any recorded but unrecognized individual on the premises.

News from France

Bars and Restaurants to Close

As a result of a dramatic increase in cases of COVID-19, bars across 11 French cities will be closed at 10pm from Monday September 28th as part of a series of new government restrictions that aim to stop the growing spread of coronavirus.
In France’s second largest port-city of Marseille and neighbouring Aix-en-Provence, both bars and restaurants must close down completely for one week from Monday September 28th.

The French government has warned that this could be extended if the health situation does not improve.

Short-Term Rentals

The European Court of Justice has ruled in support of a French law that requires local authorisation for short-term property rentals.

Airbnb, that was not part of the case, said it welcomed a decision that “will go to help in clarifying the rules”.

The European Court ruling follows a request from 22 cities across Europe to come up with rules to protect local housing markets from short-term holiday rentals.”

See You at the Virtual IAM Conference

Although we are disappointed not to be able to see everyone in San Diego in October, Neer Service has already signed up for the virtual IAM Conference.

Please reach out to Cedric Zibi to learn how we can help you in France during the rest the year and into 2021.

Stay Safe and Healthy