Special and unique furniture’s

Security safes, pianos, works of art, models, machines or copiers. We move heavy, sensitive or vulnerable items in an inventive and responsible manner. You can also think of a complete machine park here.

Art & Antiques

Art and antiques are not only precious possessions. It is often valuable to its owner. It is irreplaceable. Transporting and storing art and antiques therefore requires a specialist approach. With attention, care and a lot of expertise.

The art team of Neer Service consists of fully qualified art handles. These are experts in the field of art in general, of packaging and transporting art, insurance, art registration and technology. You can give your art to our art handlers with confidence.

Exhibitions and fairs

Fairs and exhibitions are for most companies not a daily routine. Neer Service has the experience with clearing and packing of exhibition locations and fairs at home and abroad. We are therefore used to very short set-up times. Some moving teams have been specially trained for this purpose and, due to their many years of experience, do not find a job too big. Of course, these transports are also carried out with air-suspended removal vans.


When transporting high-tech services, air suspended trucks with climate control (between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius) are required. This means that the transport of vulnerable high-tech trucks does not pose any problems. Our vehicles are naturally equipped with all safety measures. Transport is arranged by personnel who have special training for this type of transport. If necessary, individual instructions can be given before, during and after transport. Your valuable high-tech equipment is absolutely in good hands at Neer Service.

Machine movement

Industrial removals in the form of individual machines, a production line or a complete factory; Neer Service is able to carry out this removal in an expert manner. This is even possible on the basis of turn-key agreements. We pack machines or parts in our own packaging workshops. If necessary, we can make custom-made decks, crates or boxes in wood, cardboard or plastic. We also have our own cranes, with which we can prepare, load and possibly place the machine(s) under our own management. Neer Service takes care of your industrial relocation worldwide.

Piano, organs and wings

Pianos, wings and other precious objects are sensitive to changes in climate (humidity). The objects are difficult to handle and can easily cause minor damage. Do you want to move your piano? Then hire Neer Service!

We have decades of experience in transporting valuable items, such as a piano. With our expertise we guarantee your special furniture to be safe during the transport. Neer Service has modern and professional equipment that can be helpful in this respect.

We also have a heated and secure storage space for temporary storage