Art and antiques

Art and antiques

Art and antiques represent not only valuable assets, they often have sentimental value to the owner. They are irreplaceable. For this reason the transport and storage of art and antiques requires a specialized approach. With attention, care and great expertise.

Art team

Neer Service art team is made up of fully qualified art handlers. They are experts in art in general, in the packaging and transport of art, insurance, art registration and procedures. You may confidently entrust your art to our art handlers.

Transport of art

Art and antiques are fragile. They are extremely vulnerable to temperature differences, vibrations and ambient humidity. This makes their transport a unique activity. Neer Service has a separate division devoted to the transport and storage of art.

The special road transport units of Neer Service are fully equipped for the transport of your art and antiques. They are fitted with air suspension, air conditioning and protection. Our art handlers will ensure that your precious objects are professionally packaged. With this expert packaging, special climate control facilities, safety and sensitivity to conditions we guarantee an optimum service.

Insurance provisions and formalities

Insuring your art for the removal is very important. Together with you our Neer Service art team will determine the total value to be insured. Then, in consultation with you and our insurers, the best possible insurance will be taken out. When international transport is involved we will also arrange the export and import licenses that you require and the customs formalities. You can entrust your art to us with confidence.

In house expertise

Neer Service transports and stores art for museums, artists, exhibitions, gallery proprietors and private collectors. We are not only active in our domestic market but part of a worldwide network of art forwarders. Everything is possible: air, sea and road.

Master contact for international removals

Master contracts for international removals

For businesses that are frequently involved in international removals, Neer Service offers master contracts. We understand that your employees want to feel ‘at home’ as soon as possible in their new working and living environment. This starts with a stress-free removal. A master contract offers fixed rates for standard quality. This will be tailored to your specific wishes and those requirements that are appropriate to your organization and removals policy.

The Neer Service companies, not only in France, but also internationally, specialize in international removals. Whether by air, sea or road, we take care of your employees from home to home.

International removal

If you relocate employees abroad on a regular basis it is important that they receive proper support. Neer Service has locations throughout the world to serve your employees everywhere. Our master contracts provide you with the guarantee of a carefree removal for an attractive price. This can be extended to relocation services. It is comforting for both you and the employee to know that they will settle rapidly and feel at home in their new residence.

Documentation properly taken care of

That your employees’ removals are properly organized is paramount but Neer Service service offers more than that. We offer assistance with packing and provide specialized transport. This includes special care for antiques, design or art. Your employees won’t have to worry about customs formalities. We’ll take care of those. Also when your entire company relocates abroad, our professionals will coordinate the whole operation for you.

Within or beyond Europe

specializes in removals to various destinations within and beyond Europe. We are conversant with the removal guidelines for each country. We will relocate you quickly, reliably and safely:

Project removals Comfort Package+

Project removals comfort package+

Do you want to leave the complete organization of your company’s removal to the professionals? Your choice is the COMFORT-package. The COMFORT-package provides you with additional services during your removal so that you will be free to concentrate on your company’s activities.

Neer Service will make sure that your old corporate premises are left behind in an orderly fashion. We shall then fit out your new corporate premises with care and attention. A handyman will be available for repairs, hang whiteboards or attach nameplates to the doors. An ICT expert will be available to connect your network correctly. We guarantee you a problem-free removal.

In-hoese expertise

You may of course limit Neer Service activities simply to the removal of your inventory. You will however then be responsible for the technical aspects of your departure from the old premises and the installation of the new. Whether you have office space, a manufacturing unit or a laboratory, we possess the expertise required to arrange your removal from A to Z. We will be very glad to take on full responsibility for you. Neer Service companies hold the PPV seal of approval. This is your guarantee for independent quality accreditation aimed at safety, integrity, quality and craftsmanship.

Storage and administration of office inventory

When you have excess office inventory, or want to maintain a stock, Neer Service will store this for you. Our interactive storage administration system gives you control of your storage space. You can log in online and decide which items of inventory should be removed from the storage area. The storage administration system contains photographs and descriptions of your inventory. We’ll deliver the inventory to your business premises or collect it again. We then adjust your storage costs immediately. In this way you will never pay too much.

For every requirement we have an appropriate and efficient solution tailored to the individual situation. You will therefore find that the COMFORT package always meets your precise requirements:

International Removals

International removals

Moving abroad without worries with your removal specialist!

Moving abroad? Anywhere in the world, we can do a lot for you. Thanks to our international network, we know and understand the situation of the country you are moving to. This means that we can always call in local experts if necessary. Moving abroad is not just about transporting furniture. We will therefore also assist you with the paperwork, give you advice about your new living environment, but also take care of you when you return to the Neer Service.

Storage & Management

Storage & administration of belongings

Flexible and trusted management of your belongings in the safely secured, heated storage unit at Neer Service

Do you have a lack of space? At Neer Service you can rent storage space units as well as manage your storage belongings, both for businesses as well as privately. You can, for example, temporarily store your belongings during a renovation, save and protect your inventory and allow us to manage your archives in electronically protected spaces.

Furniture storage

If your company is moving or experiencing a renovation it is possible for some or all of your furniture to be temporarily stored. Our heated and safely secured storage unit ensures that your belongings stay protected and in good shape while they wait for you.

Storing your belongings

Are you planning a renovation? Or perhaps you need to store furniture during a relocation? At Neer Service you can temporarily store your belongings with us. Storage is always found with heated and secured units.

Belongings can be picked up from a designated location and stored by our colleagues in containers. After the agreed upon storing period the belongings can be dropped at a designated location. This system is often used during renovations. 

It may occur that your home insurance company will not insure your belongings during the storage period. However, we can make it possible to insure your belongings during the storage. With this you can store your belongings with a carefree feeling. For storage the options are between wooden containers of 9m3 (w*h*l, 225x225x180) or 20” ship containers of 33m3.

Storage of artwork and antiques

Storing of artwork or antiques requires extra precision and reassurance. We guarantee the use of conditioned (worldwide) transport and safely secured storage units with climate control systems. When necessary, it is possible for physical security facilities to safeguard your artwork or antiques. From years of experience we have built a trustworthy name which famous museums trust for our services. Out of discretion we can only further inform you about these offers after a meeting has been arranged.

Other Services

Private removals

Private removals

Your removal is our problem!

For many people moving is a big step creating a lot of stress. It so it needs a lot of preparation. You may already have your hands full with your children or your job is good to know there is a professional removal company that’s there for you with advice and solutions.

Neer Service lets you decide for yourself how much you want to do and how much you want to leave to us. Whether you decide to move only the large items or all your possessions. We arrange everything for you. Neer Service is a member of the Organization of Accredited Removal Firms. An accredited removal firm meets after all several requirements in the area of quality, environment and safety.

Your removal professionally executed

Removing is a profession. If you have ever moved, you will probably agree with that. The preparations take most of the time. Neer Service helps you with this. A personal checklist will take you through it step by step. We will help you with packing, removal boxes, transportation, technical solutions and unpacking, if you require. You may also decide to let us dismantle or reassemble your furniture. Our handyman can also hang your lamps, connect your washing machine and other similar tasks.

Expertise in every area

Every removal is different. You can count on our experience in every situation. Do you have a large cabinet or other item of furniture which is difficult to transport by the staircase? Neer Service will employ a lift. Do you have art or antique? Then we will employ our team of professional art handlers. Do you have items of furniture you cannot place in your new house? We will be happy to temporarily store these for you. You may decide to have only your large pieces removed by us or the entire contents of your home.

The day of the removal

On the day of the removal Neer Service will do as much as possible to relieve you of strain so you can take the children to school, run errands or make the final preparations for your new home. The contents of your home have been fully insured by means of a guarantee certificate. When necessary we will arrange the permits required to park in front of your house. With us your removal is in safe hands. You need to have no worries. By the evening your furniture will be back in place and you can enjoy your new home from the comfort of your couch.

Extra business removal services

Special removal services

A company relocation is a major project. Attention to every detail and good coordination is important. We plan everything accurately and ensure a carefree handling. This ensures that your company or institution is moved without any problems. Neer Service has a large package of services. Perhaps we can do something for you with an internal relocation, personnel relocation, project relocation or a relocation of special pieces.

Facility services

Facility services

Neer Service offers a wide range of facility services. We take the support tasks off your hands, so you can work more efficiently and have more time for your own business.

Removals, renovations and reorganisations are large-scale projects that involve a lot of work. Neer Service can keep the work out of your hands. Our project managers keep an overview for you and work according to agreements with a scenario. The project manager will assist you during the move, but he can also be of service to you afterwards. In the period after the move you can rely on an experienced project manager who keeps a cool head.


Do you take up too much space in your archive? Or do you have excess inventory that you want to keep for the future? Neer Service offers storage and management for archives and contents. We store archives in electronically secured areas, where screened personnel carry out their activities with the utmost discretion. We store your household effects, work material or your goods stock in well secured and conditioned rooms.

IT management

Moving computers and peripherals involves more than just placing the computers. All cabling, connections and data columns must also be in the right place and work. Our ICT employees ensure that your employees are quickly operational and can do their work.

Carefree services

The facility manager of Neer Service has expert knowledge, uses detailed checklists and is aware of many market parties and new developments. He can take care of it:

  • Preparation, execution and completion of removals and projects
  • Handyman / concierge activities
  • Connecting, moving, maintaining and repairing IT equipment
  • Facilitating, setting up and managing archive space
  • Receiving, delivering and managing warehouse goods
  • Taking care of internal and external postal and parcel shipments
  • Setting up and furnishing ergonomic (home) workstations, meeting rooms or art exhibitions.

We offer you the possibility to purchase only individual services from us, but you can also leave all facility matters to us with peace of mind.

Office Removals

Office removals

Are you moving because you need more space in your new office? Or will you be working on an independent basis in an office building? An office relocation is usually a stressful matter. You are busy with your business operations and guaranteeing continuity to your customers and employees. Neer Service has national and international experience with office removals.

With personal advice and guidance we support your company during the period of your move. Together with our removal coordinator, a plan of action will be made. On the basis of this plan, we will provide instructions and coordinate the activities. Moving boxes, packaging materials, tools, insurance, everything is taken care of. Neer Service can also facilitate the disassembly and assembly, the packaging of the properties and the storage of the household effects and the storage of the archive. 


When your company moves or when a renovation is taking place, it may be that the furniture or part of it needs to be temporarily stored. Our heated and secure warehouse ensures that your property is protected and awaits you in good condition.

Project removals

A relocation involves a lot of work. A good and expert relocation therefore requires a project-based approach. With good preparation and creative solutions to frequently asked questions, Neer Service ensures that your relocation runs smoothly.

ICT relocation services

Moving computer configurations and their peripherals requires more than just moving them. Our special ICT mover advises you on the approach to a relocation and assists you during the relocation. Disconnecting data and telecommunications equipment and making accessories ready for removal are standard features. We place and connect the equipment to the new workplace. If necessary, we take care of testing the equipment and reporting malfunctions. Aftercare with the help of a service desk after the move is also possible.

Our ICT mover takes care of it:

  • Network connections and WAN connections
  • Wiring care
  • Conversion of the workstations for a new network topology
  • Ergonomic design of new workstations
  • Logistics planning
  • Delivery of a communication plan
  • Providing presentations for management and employees
  • Intermediate and take care of the purchases of all necessary resources
  • Delivery of the documentation and manuals

All this of course in cooperation with your own ICT manager.

Public institutions

Government, education and care institutions

The relocation of educational, care and government institutions requires the necessary preparations and adjustments. For example, an educational institution has limited moving time, a care institution needs extra social involvement and a government institution wants a tailor-made approach. Read on for more information about our removal approach per institution.


Neer Service has put together a versatile package of removal services for government institutions. For each individual client (national, provincial or local), the final description of our activities is provided. Thanks to its versatile network, we are the ideal party to work with. Employees of this client can also benefit from the cooperation.

Care institutions

Moving a care institution is a human effort. Within our team there is a specific group that has a lot of experience with moving a care institution. Think of a hospital, nursing or care home, but also institutions for youth or mental health care. We not only provide a removal service, but we are also socially involved. This ensures a pleasant move, also for your clients.

Educational institutes

Educational institutions often have to move during the short period of a school holiday. This requires careful preparation. We regularly move educational institutions. Both large and small institutions, or from different locations to one new building. Thanks to our strong partnership, we deploy staff everywhere who work in the same prescribed manner. This prevents misunderstandings and ensures an adequate handling of the move.

Removers of Neer Service know how important it is to handle larger ‘just in time’ removals correctly. At an early stage, a scenario is drawn up to plan every detail. For small removals, we do not draw up a scenario, but we clearly agree in advance what, when, where to move.